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the teacher who challenged the king ; history series 5

History series 5

Thus saved, prince goes back home to his foster father and  stays with him for another five years . And these people by whom the prince is brought up are called herdsmen. We cannot help but notice that  Chitra who was  a close confidence of Dhigagamini when he courted  princess Unmadachitra  and later killed for not helping her brothers was also a herdsman. Probably they are a different race of people living independently, east of Anuradapura. They seem to have something against the royal family. Otherwise who will dare to incur the wrath of the king by bringing up a marked boy so close to the capitol of the country?
After five years, secret is out again. Uncles learn that their attempt to eliminate their nephew has been an abortive one. He still lives. So they send another group of soldiers to finish him off. Prince on that day  had gone to jungle with a hunting party and they kill a deer and want to barbeque it. But they find that they have forgotten to bring fire or tools to light a fire. Prince would have been the youngest of the lot or the weakest, because he gets sent home to fetch the lamp. Since oil lamps were in use from 4500 BC and candles from 3000 BC  it would have been an oil lamp or a candle.
It must have been long walk, or prince doesn’t like the barbequed deer much. He tells his foster brother to take the fire to waiting hunting party. And he sweetens the offer by adding that he can partake in the roasted deer if he goes. Brother agrees and take the fire the waiting hunting party, the house couldn’t have been far, for the small children  go back and forth.
It was the last roasted deer for the party. King’s men surround them whist they were at it and wipe the group out. They had no way to know that their target had escaped again and go and tell their masters that mission had been accomplished.
This incident allows prince to continue his herdsmen life for another four years. Again his uncles discover him to be alive and his mother also comes to know that he has been discovered. She would have also known last two attempts on his life and even had some hand on saving him, so she sends 1000 gold coins to the foster father and asks him send  the son to a rich, learned Brahmin named Pandula. Foster father reveals the prince  the truth and sends him to Pandula in southern districts with the money and a slave.
Prince go to Pandulagama , where the Brahmin reside and  Pandula can see he would be a king one day and teachers him and Pandula’s  son Chandra, whatever subjects that a future king should become master of. Now strangely  uncles don’t disturb him anyway , neither make any further attempts at his life. Either the Brahmin appears too powerful for them to challenge his protection  or this infant kingdom of new settlers doesn’t have the authority beyond present day north central province.
The prince proves to be a diligent and hardworking student. In a short period he masters all the subjects the Brahmin has to offer.

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