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Death of Kuweni ; continues from earlier blog , first lady

Her pleas fall on the deaf year, prince Vijaya  , who has been the de facto king anyway insist on having the princes from royal blood line and Kuweni realizes that there  is no future for her and their children in Thambapanni. She decides to leave , probably after she learns that the south Indian entourage is already on the way .   Like any estranged woman Kuweni doesn’t want to leave the children, despite the request from Vijaya to leave the children with him.
Kuweni takes the children and go to Lankapura , the town hence  the prince for the ill fated wedding came, when she and Vijaya  led the attack on the wedding celebrations, wiping out all of them. She was going into a certain death.  But she would have thought she could extract some leniency from her relatives. But to be on the safe side she doesn’t take the children into the city, she leaves them outside city walls, near the entrance.
 For the Yakkas she is a traitor, no doubt in that, but the danger is greater here for her  because they , obviously suspect that she has come to spy on them to complete the betrayal, started in Shirshawasthu Pura, where the wedding massacre took place.
While she was talking to the city elders, a violent one, perhaps a angry relative of a Yakka who has been killed in Shirshawasthu  Pura, come to her and kills her with one fatal blow.
The children wait for mother outside the city , not knowing her fate , but perhaps suspecting the danger she would face in the city among her people who have been betrayed by her because of her love to their father , a handsome prince from faraway lands.
An uncle of kuweni leaves the city for some errand and sees these two children, alone, waiting for her mother, and suspect them to be the children of kuweni and ask them. The Yakkas by this time would have come to know that kuweni has two children from Vijaya and also children would have looked different, because their father ,coming from the stocks of pure Indo-Aryans  must have looked like a European.
Uncle after confirming from them that they are the children of kuweni, tell them to flee without wasting any moment, that their mother had been killed inside the city. This news would have confirmed their suspicions, that the worst had happened and they take flight. Like many other royals fleeing from enemy after they have defeated by enemy, after them,  they escape to central mountains, live in jungles near Samanala Parwatha and lay foundation to a Pulinda  people, most probably present aborigines people known as Veddas. They receive royal grant from king of the mountains to live in those jungles as a separate group of people.
Prince Vijaya meanwhile crowns himself king of lanka but Mahawamsa makes no mention of whether he conquered the Lankapura or negotiated an agreement to cohabit with Yakkas because they don’t appear in the book until Pandukabaya ,  about 100 years later.

To be continued ……….

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