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2 translation and serialization of my book 2

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Those days I enjoyed reading science fictions a lot, among the other genres like adventures and detectives . Once a month when I went back after my monthly leave turn; we used to take about five days leave of absence from duty station once in every month to be with our families, I used to buy about 5 science fiction books from old books shops in Maradana, near Gamini theater and the used  book shop in Kandy Torrington square. In these book shops, you pay amounts like 250 Rs and buy a book. When you give the book back after reading , before the deadline, they give you the rest of the money keeping only fifty or hundred rupees depending on the value and popularity of the book at the time. This arrangement enabled me to read books with minimum cost. Whilst doing it, I didn’t forget to buy some permanent books for the library in the bases where I worked.

From the science fiction authors of those times I liked Arther C Clarke and Issac Asimov the most. Here, though it s not the most appropriate place for that, I don’t feel like proceeding ahead without writing about an interesting story about these two great writers.

Those days  there was a big debate as to  who is the best science fiction author in the world. They discussed this in public in different forums and then finally two authors decided among themselves that the world’s best science writer to be isac Asimov and the best science fiction writer to be Arthur C Clarke. To make this very unusual private agreement, public, of course with some sense of humor, Clarke wrote the dedication  of the his book ‘report on planet three and other speculations’ like this

‘In accordance with the terms of the Clarke – Asimov treaty, the second best science writer dedicates this book to the second best science fiction writer’’

Among a batch of books I borrowed from the shop once, one book was the naked sun by Isac Asimov Russian born American science fiction writer. I liked the book so much I thought I should translate the book to Sinhala. The routine we followed in Karainagar base was tailor made for kind of work.

Usually in military camps those days it was the common practice for the officers who didn’t have night watch duties to stay awake in the night and sleep during day time, instead. This routine those days had a nickname like most of the other things in the navy. I think the term  was moon routine. Staying awake at night was made necessary , to enable us to react without any time loss to any unusual situation in any of the minor facilities scattered far and wide ,within our area of responsibility.

I made use of these sleepless nights to translate the book few pages a day. The translation was completed within about two months. I posted the manuscript to MD Gunasena , the well known publisher to see whether they would accept it.  ............ 

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  1. As you have mentioned, those days (late 1950s and early 1960s) we did not have any other media excepting books. I also used to go to the old book sellers at Maradana to find an interesting Science fiction or a novel. There was one book shop specialising in Penguin books. Still I have two valuable books 'Only one earth' and 'The planet in peril' Some of the ideas speculated then, are becoming true now.


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