Wednesday, February 1, 2017

interest groups in PMCs issue

Various interest groups in PMC tug o war 

Because of yesterdays court decision and subsequent wide discussions of various aspects of it  in social media,  I tried to analyze the different interest groups that are involved in this issue. I could count list 11 groups with various reasons, but was not able to ascertain the exact reasons for their opposition for some groups and reason for languid  inaction by some groups who should support PMCs.
1. Inter university students union- it is very difficult to comprehend their fierce resistance.  probably combination of, misguided communist ideals, and being in   rare position to assist medical students who  have slightly elevated position in university students natural order.
2. Left leaning political parties-  They feel state control is the proper and only  way  and giving into private sector is betrayal of their principles 
3. Medical students – obvious reasons are competition and fear that doctors from PMCs would be posh and will have better opportunities with better fluency of English
4. Combined opposition- just a another weapon to discredit the government
5. General public – this is the group that will gain most if PMCs are allowed. But they just stay like a deaf elephant either because they are ignorant of the damages that the absence is causing the nation or they are scared of the unions
6. Doctors union- supply and demand , 
7. Parents of PMC students- obvious reasons
8. Students in PMCs – obvious reasons
9. Students and parents in international schools – they should be fighting on the side of PMCs because they will never get berths in state universities, but they are strangely silent on the issue
10. Right leaning political parties- like general public right wing parties are also , are not trying to explain why the nation should have PMCs
11. Aged yesteryears leftists who are disgruntled – they don’t like private anything 

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