Friday, January 20, 2017

Whats happening to dengue control? where is the will?

 I was planning to survey a land today and engaged the service of a survey friend of mine and we fixed the time at 0830. He called me early in the morning to inform me that he has to postpone the survey  for afternoon because his son is suffering from Dengue. This unexpected turn of events made me to think seriously about prevention of Dengue and gave me couple of hours to put my thoughts into this document. 
Denge has become rampant in last couple of years. It has become a great leveler,like death itself : it strike everywhere ; rich and poor, strong and week and old and young. And figures here are as astounding as its grip, in 2017 alone there has been 2584 cases so far  and hilarious fact is that 42% of them are from western province , the province that hosts the capitol of the country.
Strange, for a country that has almost 95% literacy rate, school in every other village , TV in almost every household ;many of them with satellite TV connection. 
It is even stranger for a country that has 4.5 government field officers for approximately 1500 people or roughly 300 houses. Or on the other hand approximately just one square kilometer for one field officer. And recently I saw on the TV that  some of them protesting because only part of them have been given  motor bikes for concessionary rates using public funds. 
So what is preventing unleashing of all these soft powers on the Dengue breeding grounds; high literacy rate, widespread network of schools to disseminate the massage, hundreds of TV  and radio stations looking to carryout good Samaritan projects to show they are socially responsible corporations, one field officer to supervise only 66 houses.
So despite having  such an array of arsenal, that’s formidable and would be an envy  to any developing country that’s looking to fight a Dengue epidemic ,why are we still hearing of Dengue cases, prevention of which can easily be achieved by eliminating breeding grounds. 
I feel it is lack of vision and planning. If we use 50% of the soft power discussed earlier with a strong leadership , we should be able to eliminate Dengue within one year at most,  if you want to  eliminate it of course.

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  1. හැමෝම බණ අහන, ඒ මදිවට වැඩි දෙනෙක් බ‍‍‍ණ කියන රටක් වුනාම එහෙම වෙනවා ඇති.

    නඟරයෙන් පිටත බොහෝවිට මදුරුවෝ බෝ වෙන්නේ වැසිකිලිවලවල් වල, කූඹි සිමෙන්ති හාරලා පුංචිහිල් හදනවා ඒවායින් මදුරුවෝ ඇතුලට ඇතුල්වෙනවා/ පිටවෙනවා, ටෝයිලට් අපවිත්‍රලෙස සැලකෙන නිසා කිසිවකු ඒ පැත්ත පලාතේ යන්නේ නෑ.


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