Sunday, February 18, 2024

The truth

 He lived in a palace, in a big city where ,  market places were frequented by large caravans.

Palaces were  full of laughter , merry making and dances

the streets were dense with merry throngs of women and merchants 

He left all of these for tranquility and quietness

And meditated for  long years in the jungle, seeking the truth that has eluded many wise sages for centuries 

His followers, after 2600 years after the truth was found

Make noises in villages and cities 

To celebrate the that truth, he found alone in thickness of silence

The language of the gods.

1 comment:

  1. In palaces of laughter, he once dwelled,
    Where markets bustled, tales were held.
    But seeking truth, he chose to roam,
    Through jungles vast, to find his home.

    Amidst the silence, deep and still,
    He sought the truth, with iron will.
    And in the quiet, he did find,
    The language of the gods, divine.

    Centuries hence, his truth proclaimed,
    In cities loud, his name is named.
    But in the silence, he remains,
    Where wisdom's whispered, free from chains.


සිංගප්පූරුව 2

 අද පුණ්‍ය කාලය නිසා සිංගප්පූරුවේ පසුගිය කාලය ගත කරපු ගමනේ තවත් විස්තරයක් ලියන්නට සිතුණි.  එහි සිටි දවස් දහයේ හැමදාම උදේට කිලෝමීටර් අටක් පමණ...