Saturday, October 31, 2020

Rover's Diary


I have been the shepherd of these four sheep       for last 7 years now. It has not been an easy job, but I have been very successful in looking after them. Of course, I admit , by any standard my service has not been perfect. I have lost the ewe  that I liked most among the four. She was taken by a large red box like animal and never came back. But I have not given up hope on her because I remember she suddenly came back after prolonged absence like this. So whenever I have free time I go to my lookout point and watch the road for a red color box that moves. I have seen many similar objects passing by, our territory but none so far turned toward our abode. But I have a feeling that she will return.

Of course the old buck  under my charge sometimes run away, but it returns. longest absence for it is a week, give or take couple of days. When he leaves I can guess how long it is going to be absent by how well it is attired, and the things he carries into the box. The box gulps it and moves away. But our buck is a shrewd sheep, he knows how to return without any physical harm.

I like him because he is my type, a lone wolf I would say. Unlike the members of our species, I don’t like to mingle with other dogs. I look after my property and sheep and when I have some free time I go to one of the two lookout points and enjoy watching moments. When I need some mental exercise I try to connect the smells with the objects that I see. I think I have a fairly large data base gleaned from that activity. I wish I have another guy to let me to compete against, on this activity once in a while. That will break the monotony for sure.

Too much background makes the story dull I suppose, so I should give it by judicious doses, like the bones of beef I receive from the home supplies. They give me one bone after lunch and keep a smaller one to entice me into my house around 9 o clock in the morning, where I stay caged until around 2 o clock depending upon at what time buck and nanny finish their TV lunch. If they are watching a movie that they enjoy I have to wait little longer for lunch. After that  I am outside until 9 o clock next day.  These sheep either they are a confused lot or have no logical thinking at all. They expect me to protect them. I have nothing but that duty in my mind all the time even in sleep. But if they keep me caged for several hours every day how do they expect me to fulfill that obligation.

Of course I chase away birds and rare reptiles if they come within my sight from the cage, but what would happen if birds attack them on the other side, the 22 side of the house? They have no logical thought process I suppose.   

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