Sunday, September 18, 2016

opening hours from 0830 to 1900

Ethics in business timings

Last week I was in Colombo to attend to couple of things, staying at my apartment at Habarakada, Homagama. Since making  Habarakada my Colombo abode when I come to Colombo like every fortnight I have come to love the place , probably because
1.It has many rural shady roads for walking without being disturbed by tuk tuks all the time

 2.Being from rural area originally I enjoy living in a rural setting with variety of trees to look and wonder what tree this would be whilst walking
3.The swimming pool and gym in my housing scheme
5.The plants grow much faster and healthy in my backyard here than in Kandy

Anyway I didn’t start to write this to extol and eulogize present Habarakada which is a far cry from infamous moonshine   area we have heard about half a generation back. I started to write this to lament, the state of conducting business in sri lanka with particular focus on keeping times and informing customers regarding the opening hours of that particular business.
Having woken up  early despite the day  being a Saturday I went out for  a five KM walk and returned to do a brief workout of about 30 minutes, in the gymnasium. I thought I must reward myself for this achievement and decided to take a shave and get a head massage at a salon, unlike a usual day when I shave though I loath to do it .
When I went to the salon the barber was not present at the salon although the salon was open, I asked a guy talking to somebody on the pavement from the salon about the barber and I was told that he must be around and I should wait. I waited for about 15 minutes but there was no sign of the elusive barber.
I went out  to go to another salon and walked to the junction and decided to take my chance on my right turn  and walked for about 300 Meters. There were two salons, one a comparatively well decorated large salon and the other a usual rural type salon. But unfortunately both were closed notwithstanding the fact that salons get best business on weekends, that too in the forenoon.
I came back to the first salon meekly because if the barber has seen me wondering around looking for another salon he would laugh, or even annoyed with me.  But I was in for more bad luck that day. When I came in there were two customers in waiting and barber was at work on another.

So it was more of a day of punishment that a day of reward as I was hoping in the morning. Similarly next day in the evening I saw a sign board in front of a veterinarian in the same area. It says VET CLINIC that’s all. No timings and gate is closed. so you are expected to bring your sick dog and wait outside the gate until doctor decides to show up.


  1. Saloons and garages are equal to clinics... No regularity.

  2. yes like everywhere else here , no respect for others time


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